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France (CAC 40): next dividend

The next dividend will be paid on 05/04/2019 (ex-dividend date : 19/03/2019) by Total. The dividend amount is 0.640 EUR.

Brazil: next dividends to be paid

Fiscal YearCompanyEx-Dividend DatePayment DateAmountType
2018Itau Unibanco18/12/201830/04/20190.011 BRLSpecial
2018WEG21/12/201813/03/20190.039 BRLSpecial
2018WEG21/12/201813/03/20190.051 BRLSpecial
2019Itau Unibanco01/02/201901/03/20190.015 BRLInterim
2018Itausa Investimentos01/03/201901/04/20190.015 BRLFinal
2019Itau Unibanco01/03/201901/04/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco01/04/201902/05/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco01/05/201903/06/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco03/06/201901/07/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco01/07/201901/08/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco01/08/201902/09/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco02/09/201901/10/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco01/10/201901/11/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco01/11/201902/12/20190.015 BRLInterim
2019Itau Unibanco02/12/201902/01/20200.015 BRLInterim

Nota: Date format is DD/MM/YYYY.

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