All countries in the world and their capital

Here you can see a lot of information on all countries of the world according to the following criteria:

- All countries by alphabetical order

- All countries by area

- All countries by population

- All countries by continent

- Countries in Africa

- Countries in America

- Countries in Asia

- Countries in Europe

- Countries in Oceania

- Currencies of the world

- ISO codes of the countries

- List of provinces of Canada

- List of the US states

Below are the criteria based on which you can see the flags of the countries around the world:

- Flags of the world

- Flags of Africa

- Flags of America

- Flags of Asia

- Flags of Europe

- Flags of Oceania

Learn more about languages spoken in the countries:

- Arabic-speaking countries

- English-speaking countries

- French-speaking countries

- Portuguese-speaking countries

- Spanish-speaking countries

Quiz on countries, capitals and flags of the world:

Quiz on countries and capitals of the world

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